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Thursday, January 13, 2011


This is a volcano ready to blow...... I am not liking daughters choice in boyfriends. She will tell me who am I to talk, considering that her dad is who he is. The difference here is that I am 44 and have been with the same man for almost 20 years, whereas she has had a steady stream of not memorable boyfriends for the last 3 years, and that too is somehow going to be my fault. I take some responsibility for creating this little monster but most of the credit goes to my sister who put my firstborn on a pedestal and babied her as if she had come out of her own vagina. She had stable male influences in her life when her father wasn't there and the thing is when he is here, she is his little princess too. They are very much alike, good looking and funny and able to manipulate a situation to their benefit. She is also a lot like me volatile, demanding and prone to want to run the show. My whole issue is that current boyfriend is a lazy irresponsible leech. He sits in my house on my internet while I am at work and when I have come home in the afternoon to do a driveby he has been snoring in her room...must be from a hard day of doing absolutely nothing. Darn so let me tip toe through my house. When he is around she tends to be like him. It would not matter so much if she didn't live in my house, you can lay around all day as long as it is in your house.

Since she helps out with the rent she thinks that she has a say so, sorry not really.
When you are doing something productive going to school or working or making some positive changes then maybe, or maybe the day you have to wipe my ass that will happen. So I am at a point where the Volcano Woman that I am is going to blow, and let me tell you when I spew it ain't pretty, it ain't pretty at all. The last time we had a blow out she threatened to leave and take my grandson. Sorry no go amigo...

So instead of being a doormat where everyone can wipe their shit on me I am going to lay the law down and let it be known that the sheriff is in town.

Raising girls is such a battle of wills, I didn't know then that we would all be PMSing at the same time! I prayed hard for girls and now I am praying they just grow up and move out and leave me alone! Oh I am sure there will be a day when I want them all around me but that day is NOT today!

So why is it that when you try to give your kids advice they shrug and roll their eyes and only ever hear the negative things that you say or take what you say and twist it. Man I really need to apologize to mom and pop when we meet again. Because I am so feeling their pain when it comes to raising pain in the ass kids! I too knew it all I was riding the wave of having it better than my parents, in an entry level retail management job with a lot of potential, living with my parents at 24, great credit, lots of shoes and a toy poodle and no worries. Then I hit my rebellious streak and met my love and ran off with him. Oh the lust factor...  I was just a late bloomer whereas my daughter started rebelling at 15. Damn shoulda stuck to toy poodles. So maybe she will grow out of this phase where she thinks she needs to have a boy to define her. Just because someone is 18 or 19 does not make you a man..... nope you are what I call a "scrub", current boyfriend. Don't you just love that song from TLC.

The only joy that I can secretly have right now is knowing that he is not the one, because hopefully she will meet someone who is going to show her what a good man is all about, the kind of guy Carrie Underwood sings about in her latest song. Does that guy really exist? I think so and I hope my girls meet him in their lives. So in the meantime I have my say and piss her off into the arms of current boyfriend, but I look forward to the day when I see my daughter really love herself enough to know that she deserves to be treated like the little monster errr princess she is.

Just a footnote, I spewed and it was actually pretty good for me no one talked back, rather just sitting there thinking, "OH SHIT WE WERE WONDERING WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!" ONE for team Mom ughh I mean Sheriff


  1. Hmm some truth would do me justice but i'll let you tell it your way. Think what you want but a lot of you daughters "boyfriends" are actually abusive to her such as current boyfriend Micheal Ortega who is also a fresno bulldog. I sincerely love your daughter but just couldnt stand you, and that is the truth of why what happened. Honestly what you heard was said by me was not actually the truth. I have never disrespected you except for when your daughter first commented on you in a bad way. Sorry you feel how you feel but honestly I did not care about your thoughts just your daughter and grandsons thoughts and feelings.

  2. you can say whatever you want but the fact of the matter is I dont give a shit if you have ever liked me not one muthafucking bit....and what she does is her business and if anyone fucks with her and she chooses to stay with them then thats her decision, I cannot make her do what I want... you can feel however you want to about me and yep I know my daugter has said things about me all kids talk shit about their parents but unless and untill you live your life to the highest possible standards and stop blaming your parents then you will never move forward... that goes for anyone not directly to you... anyone... I had to stop blaming my parents a long time ago for my choices that my friend is called growing up.... and by the way you were disrespecting me because this was and is my house...Best of luck to you.