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Sunday, July 8, 2012


 *this is a disclaimer before you read this you need to realize i use terms like vagina...and a slang term for penis so if you are easily offended.... i suggest you click off this page or else hey go see the movie and don't be so uptight...

Well I went to see Magic Mike for the second time in as many weekends. I know it was such a hard thing to do, but hey my best friend had still not seen it and who was I to let a girl down. The first time I went I took my daughters, ages 20, and 16 almost 17 before I get "Oh my!" Lets face it people we don't live in a glass bubble and my kids are not hyper-protected from the realities of the world. They are probably more informed than some adults, and obviously more mature than a lot of the women that went to see this movie. They giggled and smiled and laughed out of nervousness just like I did, but they were not ogling and whooping and saying things like "that's what I call good genetics" as Channing Tatum bared his assets and let me tell you they were glorious. Yes indeed lots of eye candy for women of all ages. I didn't even know what all the hoopla was about until I left work and said have a great weekend and a female coworker and friend of mine said "Oh I will, I'm going to see Magic Mike!" and I asked "Ok what the heck is this Magic Mike?" She looked at me like I was a nun and said, "Its about male strippers! It has Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey, yummy!" A word she frequently uses to describe a good looking man. So I came home and googled it and thought yeah I would like to see that and then I asked some friends who were going on another day or just were not that interested. I thought I was out of luck and then I thought, why not take my daughters? They were the best movie mates to take. I am sure they were subdued in their behavior with me than if they would've been with girlfriends. They have seen Burlesque, actually one of our favorite movies. I had seen Striptease and even as a young girl I watched Gypsy with Natalie Wood. I appreciated the Vargas Girl too at an early age, and if I was not raised to be so uptight with my body heck I might have hid my assets behind fans or feathers to make a wad of cash. I love the burlesque acts today. I am not saying that stripping should be viewed at as a wholesome activity but lets face it people men have been objectifying women for years, so now thanks to Channing Tatum who co-wrote the script for Magic Mike its the flipside. As a matter of fact he was a stripper early on in his career.

Boy does it show. I had seen him in "Step Up" and other movies of his. Of course he is Leading Man status. Almost a throwback to the retro glam of Hollywood, in the midst of all of these character type actors today. He has clean cut all American appeal with chiseled good looks and a gleam in his eye and he is well, super fit. The clincher for all of us movie going gals is that he can cry too. He is the big ticket draw here. Matthew McConaughey, nice bottom, and front and abs and arms shoot it was all nice..... and the supporting cast are equally HOT, there is something for women of every age. Back to Tatum. Like I said I had seen him dance in other movies but to watch him  in Magic Mike is to watch him make love.Yes I said it. He has all the moves down, the grinding, the booty shaking, the hip explosion ala Elvis, the air humping, yep he is to say the least very versatile and damned sexy doing it. Now you know why everyone is so entranced by that dumbass show Dancing With The Stars. I think you can tell a lot by the way someone moves their body on the dance floor.

So did that last paragraph objectify men? Maybe this one will. Well shoot ladies I don't feel sorry for them. I was once told by an old male boss that the worlds biggest commodity is between a womans legs. Years ago I was appalled at his comment as any young woman would have been. As I have gotten older I have changed my view point on that comment and have come to realize that yes Mr. Boschetto was right, wars have been fought over women. Women who have ever had power have been vilified for having a vagina and that power. In reality we are the sex that is needed to procreate, to bring forth leaders of tomorrow. No man I know could spit out a watermelon from his vagina...oh wait they don't have one....and live to tell about it. Truth is since Adam had Eve, or if you believe in evolution the first Caveman had fire, the women here, Eve and the Cavewoman, were not chasing them but were rather being chased by those first men. So now as things have evolved, and I say that in a very enlightened way Women want to be treated as equals in the sex department. They buy sex toys, they buy lingerie, they watch porn and they read sexy books, look at the success of "50 Shades Of Grey". Female sexuality is a powerful thing and to be empowered by having a vagina well that's only something a WOMAN can understand. Sexuality is something we have always had, its just that men have only thought a certain kind of woman should display it. Keep it inside Ladies, like your ovaries! I say let it, "your female sexuality" run free like a swinging dick for lack of a better description...
If more men allowed their women to be open with their sexuality they might realize the home-fires could always be stoked instead of having to go out and look for that fire someplace else. The same can be said for women, if you pay attention to that fire at home pretty soon that blaze will be nice and hot.
So would I recommend going to see Magic Mike, well I am not a film critic but it was good entertainment and had a moral to the story too. I wont give it away but I will say that I know for a fact there were women in that theater that would never step foot inside a male revue but they felt safe enough to venture into the theater and watch these beautiful men strut their stuff. Was it harmless? I think allowed these women to take a walk on the wild side. They were unabashed in their howls and whoops and giggling and comments. They all left smiling. To those boyfriends who went with their girlfriends kudos to you I am sure you had a great evening after the show. Not very many uptight women at this dear friend who I went to see the movie with yesterday was her typical self..she loves men...oohed and ahhhed and felt like a schoolgirl and I did too even though I knew what was coming up it was still nice to appreciate again.
My  Love also knows that I went to see this movie and his comment to me was..."Have a good time!" no insecurities there...but of course he has always done wiggle wiggle before it became famous.