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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am having an issue with our local department of social services, and my present worker in particular. I did not turn in some information for my food stamp recertification in according to her a timely manner, and so she terminated my benefits which included my medical benefits. Even though I had turned in a monthly report with my income, at question is my child's bank account which has a big two dollars in it and I really am starting to feel that maybe I want to challenge that they should not include a child's bank account in the families resources. Then today I come home to find out that I need to now find a medical provider, I have been going to the same clinic for almost ten years and it is not listed as a provider. What frustration I am feeling. The welfare system is a joke and has done nothing to help me get off of the assistance that I have had. I have made every step to move forward on my own. I work full time, I make 11 dollars an hour yet I am still considered poverty level when it comes to income. I work for a worldwide company and do you know how sad it is when I cannot even afford the medical insurance they provide because it would take one of my paychecks to pay for it.

I know that I am lucky to have any option as far as health care is concerned and let me tell you even though it sucks that they practically want to know the color of my shit I am grateful to have medi-cal. What I don't like is that they treat me like I am some dumbass when I ask them a question or that they treat me as if I am a bother to them. Look if you do not know the answer of if you have never heard of it don't say it does not exist, do some research, ask a supervisor and then get back to me with the correct info.....

After dinner I googled medi-cal rules and a variety of other phrases to see what I could find to support my case. I stated to her on the phone that my daughters medi-cal was not active and she said terminated my benefits sending me a letter and my argument was why? I had provided my income for the required report month and that we were recertifying for food stamps, she said she needed to verify my daughters account. I said well with regards to terminating my medi-cal it should still stay active for thirty days, well after her taking my words out of context and me getting ready to call her a royal bitch I decided I did not have time for her and said I would bring the paperwork in. I know for a fact that in the past my medi-cal stayed active for 30 days. So after three hours of googling and coming up empty handed at the official site for California medi-cal I found a little link that helped me with info. It is really sad that when I tried to get the facts in the official site I got a message that said "this file has been damaged and cannot be read!" What the Fuck is that all about! I go to my OFFICIAL STATE SITE AND I GET SCREWED BY THEM TOO! So then I try to contact them to let them know and there is no email for the person in charge of medi-cal.....and a list of addresses that I do not even know who to send theses complaints of mine to. Aint that about a bitch!

But rest assured my readers that I will be heard, according to Edwards V. Myers I do have thirty days and I also have 20 days to send in information that I was not able to provide at the time of my meeting a mere two weeks ago. Hmmm...Mrs. Uglyass I was right, so put that in your pipe and smoke it! This worker ain't no new kid on the block either, she should be schooled and well versed in the laws of  Human Services. I guess some of us cannot help that we are stooooopiiiiid or toooo lazzzzy to find an answer for our client. Heaven forbid a client be right about something! But you know me I always have to be right, so when I send in my paperwork tomorrow I am going to enclose a lil link and a printout so she can feel free to learn the things she needs to know to do her job. I just love educating people!!!! If you have any questions about foodstamps or medi-cal or cash aid here is that handy link this link is actually part of a website for Vietnemese parents of disabled children, I love how they have organized all of this useful information to serve their members and I am hoping to follow their model in a page totally devoted to links and resources. If you have any please let me know send them via my email at xanngonz@gmail.comn  so that I can include them in my resource page!

Thanks for letting me vent and thanks for your loyalty as a reader of my blog!

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