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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Oh my gawwwwwd if I see another fucking girl wearing boots with shorts that are way too short for them to wear I am going to walk up to them and tell them "YOUR MOM LET YOU LEAVE HOME LIKE THAT?" I have been seeing a steady stream of high school age chickies walking around with these ridiculously short shorts and thigh high or even midi boots what the fuck kinda look are they trying to acheive? Puss in Boots excuse the pun...... seriously. It is a streetwalker kinda chic that I am seeing in these young wanna be hipsters. Blech already....aside from it being really cold out there, is the fact that I do not want to see your ass cheeks or baby cellulite pads in my face!Shit I mean I did not know how hot I was back in the day but if I did I would not have worn this get up.
Yes thanks to beautiful women like Beyonce and Mariah Carey thick thighs and curves are the it thing. But let me say that some of you should not be wearing these super short shorts that show your bootyleg, the part of your leg that meets your asscheek. That is my name for that area of the body. Trust me I am in no way jealous with my fluffy ass, if I was fit and firm I still would not wear this look. The last time I wore shorts with boots I was three and wore my cowboy boots with everything. I think and have always thought that a sexy woman, a really sexy woman does not need to show so much skin, mystery is always much hotter. I would rather see a woman with curves in a well fitting turtleneck dress and boots, that is hot. Just the outline of the hourglass figure is sexy. Now some of these little girls are too damned skinny to be wearing these oversized swashbuckling boots they have these getaway sticks for legs and look as if they are wearing ankleweights. Trudging along like they have some lead in their feet.
I poured over fashion magazines when I was a teen well into my 20s and still get wet panties looking at a Vogue in the checkout line of  the supermarket. I dreamed of being a fashion designer and  the next big thing. So I think I know a little about acheiving a look, even though most of my wardrobe is grease splattered tees and jeans that are cut off at the hem. My kids ask my opinion and I honestly tell them when they look well, for lack of a better word "stupid". If I had the dough I would be styling on the me. On rare occassions I do get to acheive looks.
So back to this shorts and boot wearing chic, to do it right in the winter one must first wear the right shorts and the right boots and a nice pair of tights, not nylons are more appropriate. So if you have a teen daughter who likes this look please do the once over on her and let her know if she looks cute or fucking dumb before she leaves the house. I mean you wouldn't want your beautiful teen daughter mistaken for a hooker would you?
Oh and those of you who should not be wearing this look and you know who you are, cover that shit up will you. Mothers don't want to have to hide the eyes of their young children when you pass by.

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  1. lmao! i swear i could not stop laughing. awesome article girlie! keep'em coming :-)