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Monday, December 13, 2010

Would you let your kids watch Chris Crocker on Youtube?

The other day my kids and I were talking about someone we had not seen and missed a great deal. They said oh Mom you have to watch this guy Chris Crocker on Youtube he will so remind you of the person, (we were missing). I was like whatever.... I was busy doing housework and the hundred other things that needed to be done. They let the video load and that was my first Chris Crocker experience....... I laughed at this person with these magnetic eyes, and platinum hair in front of me and noticed how beautiful this person was. This gay guy talking about why he is gay and how makeup makes him feel pretty and how life in a small southern town as a gay young person is not easy.
It was all about the laughter and the viral '"Leave Brittany Alone" video that had me hooked. On a realistic note Chris Crocker was talking about some very relevant things. Sex, unprotected sex, homophobia, self-esteem, love, bullying, AIDS things that a lot of parents aren't talking to their kids about. So I started thinking would you let your kids watch Chris Crocker? A lot of parents probably would not but reality says that your kid probably has watched him according to his viewing stats, he get gazillions of hits yearly. I asked my kids what it was that attracted them to him, my 15 year old daughter stumbled upon him through a video that was parodying his "Brittany" plea and then clicked on the original which led her to his other videos. They unanimously said it was his humor and the way in which he approached serious subjects. My daughter also said how she liked the fact that he was being himself. He was not putting on airs and showing her that being who you are is o.k. That is a powerful message to me. I cannot imagine trying to fit in today in a high school setting, and for my teens to get this message at this age is I think so mature. I have been telling them for years to be themselves, but hearing it from someone like Chris Crocker makes it easier for them to digest. As all of us parents know the old saying "Oh________ (fill in the blank) You just don't understand!" the cries of youth for the last century. Well maybe Chris Crocker understands and maybe he can reach your kid in ways that you can't.
So however you feel about him, love him, hate him, don't know who he is I can guarantee your kids do. So thanks Chris Crocker for opening the conversation up in my home I love it!

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