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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sandy Fonzo  should be aggravated as one well meaning  poster described her. I would be pretty fucking pissed off if I found out the judge who had sent my child to a youth detention center and then lined his pockets for sending basically good kids who made 1 bad mistake, like Fonzo's child did to serve ridiculous sentences. She had every right to rip (judge) Ciavarella and I use the term loosely to shreds verbally. I don't know that I would have been as tame as she was. The thing is her anger is getting a lot of notoriety and so it should. This poor womans son shot himself in the heart, comitting suicide . The one defining factor in his life  the thing that changed him was his placement in the detention center, when in reality he should have had probation or even a dismissal. I watched her interview on the Today show and Ann Curry states 'It did not seem as though yelling gave you any peace....', Shut the fuck up Ann Curry, really? Is that what yelling is supposed to do? The only thing that will give Sandy Fonzo any peace is when this judge pleads guilty and apologizes to all of his victims and their families. And possibly when he burns in hell!!!!!

Mom rage has been around for a long time and let me tell you I have had my share of it. When I have felt that my kids were threatened be it a teacher making a stupid comment to bullies and their parents... I have too like Sandy Fonzo ripped people new assholes. I only do this if I strongly feel that I am right. If my kid is the one who is in the wrong I spew on them.... My rage does is not just reserved for teachers or bullies, it can happen anytime anywhere depending on a situation and how impassioned I am. But mess with my kids and you better get the fire department to come and shovel your ashes...... Volcano Woman arrives without warning. I can only pray that I will never ever know the grief that Sandy Fonzo knows all too well.

So why is it that Fonzo's rage became front and center news... would she have gotten the notoriety if she had spoken quietly and politely without all of the obscenity? In my opinion it was because she is a woman and women in general are not to behave in such a manner as spewing obscenities and wishing someone dead in public even if their son committing suicide is the reason they are so upset. So no Ann Curry stop playing anger management therapist. Sandy Fonzo does not feel better, for yelling and cussing, and putting the tragedy of her childs life on public display. Grief is a powerful thing it moves people to action  whether it is politically correct or not. I only hope Sandy Fonzo's grief subsides over time so that she can focus on the beautiful memories of her childs life.

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