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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its not like they wanna wear the skirts! 3 Male cheer leaders not allowed to perform because it would look funny?

Well I never thought I would be blogging about male cheerleaders in high school, no less. But yes, well I am. I recently read in the paper that one of my three local high schools, Madera High North, would not allow three boys who were on a "competition team" that had been disbanded to perform with the 65 female cheerleaders because "it would look funny". What an overt sexist statement to make! The athletic director has memory loss when asked about making this statement and had said that they were "only" members of a competition team that had broken up because one of the performers had left the group.The boys trained and paid for their cheer uniforms. Which aren't cheap by the way. They started a  petition to be reinstated and in my opinion they should be. Is my lil town that backwoods that they think cheering should be reserved for girls? Years ago in the fifties there were male cheerleaders on the pep and cheer squads in the same school that is barring these boys from performing. I bet those guys are rolling over in their graves... hmmm or still kicking either way they should be pissed at their alma mater. Good ole Madera High!

The boys admitted that it was for kicks at first and of course the draw of all those girls around them but then as they trained they realized how hard it was and became serious about it. So when the athletic director banned them from a school performance they were upset and felt like they had been wronged. I believe they have earned the right to perform and represent their school, and so do the students who signed their petition.

My concern then lies in the future, will the high school not allow a girl on the wrestling team or football or baseball teams? These are all sports my daughters play(ed) and I can guarantee you that if anyone told them no I would have slapped a lawsuit on them quicker than greased lightening. Lets not forget boys that Title 9 applies to you too! I think you should take 'em to court and Gloria Allred should represent you! These three young men should not be penalized for the fact that the competition group disbanded and instead should be compensated and reinstated by the school district. I applaud them and they have my respect for pushing the envelope. I asked a small group of young people male and female from Madera South and Pioneer Tech if they had heard about this and what they thought. They were all in agreement that no one should be banned from anything in school because of their sex, and 2 of the guys in this group were the most vocal even siting Title 9. I told em they were way smarter than some of the grown ups who run the school!

Would you let your son cheer for my daughter while she played football? Yah I knew you would your so smart too!


  1. It is sexist and discrimination. We are in a time when this should not even be a thought to have male cheerleaders. A lot of high schools and most colleges have had male cheerleaders for years. This is typical Madera High North politics as usual. I for one would be right in that school if my son was one of those kids banned. But then again I've never been one to accept no for an answer or accept prejudice of any kind. I hope these boys and their family take this to the next level. It's about time their be major changes at that school in all areas of athletics... MHS Mom... Steph...

  2. that is right! you rock! but then again you always do thanks as always for your support! man they better get ready for me n kenzee look out mhs here we come!!!!