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Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have become obsessed with the Casey Anthony murder trial and now the aftermath.. I predicted in an earlier post back in April, after seeing a news show that I thought the jury would find her not guilty. I stated at the time that I did not agree with the verdict, but unfortunately it is today a reality. It is also a reality that today Casey, the most vilified woman in the world, was sentenced and will be out of jail next week. I watched the replay of her appearance in court and I watched as news reporters speculate on her behavior. I stand by my belief that she did murder her child so she could live a carefree life. I watch her demeanor like everyone else and speculate also, I don't get the joy in her face, the hair down and flowing. I don't get how she thinks she will be able to go on living her life. If I were her I would go into hiding and not come out, ever! She today is the most hated person in the world right up there with Hitler and Bin Laden, and we know what happened to them.

The jury in this instance followed the letter of the law, even though they felt she had done something the law did not permit them to find her guilty! That is your Constitution at work for you people. The public is outraged and does not understand and I am one of them...yet I do understand in a way regarding the law. Casey is just fortunate that the law was on her side....I will leave it at that.
I feel the obsession or passion people have regarding this case is due to the fact that if it were anyone else, they would have reported their child missing immediately.We want to KNOW WHY she failed to report her daughter missing, and WHY she lived the way she did after her child disappeared. We want to KNOW WHAT happened. Possibly none of those questions will ever be answered.

So to honor Caylee's memory I too have turned on my porch light and I am going to sign the petition to create a Caylee's Law. The law would make it a felony for a parent/guardian if they did not report their child missing immediately. To sign that petition go to this link this link has gone viral with over 250,000 Americans signing this petition won't you please sign to create hope for another child in honor of Caylee's memory. This will become Caylee Marie Anthony's legacy.


  1. I feel that the law should be passed so then children of this world are protected when the law fail. Like they did with caylee. As a mom I love my kids and vowed to protect them from anyone. I could never hurt my kids or anyone elses. Children r a gift u as there parent should watch out for them not hurt them. I also feel casy shouldnt be allowed to have anymore kids get her fixs like the dog she is. Pass this law for vaylee and future kids.

  2. Children are a gift from God and I agree I hope she never has another child she is obviously mentally ill! Im just worried that she will make money off of this and end up living the life she always dreamed of...hope the memories of her little Caylee haunt her forever....

  3. Here I am many months since you posted this post and the comments, new to your blog, and reading around.

    I, too, followed this trial because, somehow, it was personal to me, as a mother. I, also, knew there was not enough evidence to prosecute her and as much as it is the Constitution at work, it makes me sad that this same Constitution puts many innocent people in jail and even on death row.. the law is flawed and it breaks my heart.

    Thank you for expressing your love for little Caylee, as much as I do and for posting this. I'll keep reading your blog. I've been in a huge funk and have not blogged in months.. I'm hoping to find my mojo by reading other blogs, and somehow I found you. I'm really not sure how.

    Blessings to you. ~Heidi (CarolinaDreamz) in the LowCounty, outside of Charleston. (

    1. Awe Heidi thanks for the comment and that you are reading my blog.... I write about things I care about whether it be good bad or ugly.... I too lost my mojo, but realized a good writer is not one who writes everyday about the trivial things but one who writes about what speaks to them the most and one who writes from the will get your groove back, sometimes refreshing or rebooting the soul mind,and body are what we need! However you found me I am glad you did! Thanks again and well wishes to you!