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Monday, April 25, 2011


The Casey Anthony murder trial is a week away, almost three years after the disappearance of her young daughter Caylee Anthony, she will be tried in her murder. I have been watching some of the shows that are leading up to the trial itself. I only knew vague information about the case until just recently and was not really following it. When I did watch a news show recently it focused on the fact that the trial would be set in another county and that jury selection was going to be a big focus in this high profile case. The show selected a jury and and a case was presented to them, more than half of the people on the jury voted for acquittal of Casey Anthony. This is because of the lack of physical evidence in this case. I am saddened and hope that a verdict will not be for acquittal, but rather I hope one of guilty will be found. It is a very hard case for both the prosecution and the defense to present, but one nonetheless that will focus on the fact that Caylee Anthony just two at the time of her disappearance was murdered and tossed into a remote area like yesterdays trash. Casey Anthony did not report her child missing for 31 days, and only after her mother confronted her about her vehicle that she had abandoned did she concoct a story about Caylee being left with a non-existent nanny. Casey Anthony partied it up like any 22 year old would at that age. Her behavior would not be so questionable except for the fact that her daughter was missing.
Casey was a young mother obviously, one probably overwhelmed with being a single parent. Despite all of the help you have or support being a parent at any age is not an easy thing let alone being a single parent. At the heart of my post tonight is the fact that I think a lot of parents don't realize their breaking point. Don't mistake my post as having any sympathy for a person like Casey Anthony. I don't have any for her. I believe wholeheartedly she killed her child and went on living as if she never even existed. I believe she is a sick individual. What I am saying is that a lot of people do not know how to ask for help when they need it. If only she had given custody to her parents or had asked for help so she could get her life together then maybe Caylee would still be alive.
We all at times as parents have had to walk away from our children, who have pushed us to a point that we don't even recognize the person we had become. Whether through anger or frustration or an inability to cope we have yelled when it was unnecessary or spanked, or said something we regretted. If you tell me you have never done any of those things than great, you must be the patron saint of parenting, and I really don't believe you. What I do believe is that a damned cat can be a better parent than a human being can. Remember Scarlett the cat that saved her five kittens from a burning building? Being selfless is not just a human trait. Parenting is thee hardest job in the world! We are not taught, it is a learn on the job process. Some of us are better learners than others. If you are a young parent or single, or both, then it is doubly worse. I am not making excuses here, I am saying that some people are not capable of recognizing the warning sign telling them what they are about to do is wrong. They just do it and then later say they did not know what they were doing.
What made Casey Anthony lose it? I see single young mothers every day who are on the verge and the scariest thing is they don't even know it. What I want this post to leave you with is a resource. Someone who is readily available when you think you are at your limit, Parents Anonymous is a national group with local chapters and or call the National Parent Helpline at 1-855-427-2736. Just because you can have a child does not mean you know the first thing about being a parent, being a better parent means you know when to ask for help.

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