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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Terminal illness makes you an unfit parent...The Alaina Giordano Case

I am pretty pissed off this morning. I like Mike Galanos of Headline News on my Facebook Page and one of the stories highlighted on his feed is the case of Alaina Giordano. She is a single mom of two who was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She divorced her husband  a year or so ago, he moved to Chicago. She stayed in Durham, North Carolina where she is receiving treatment at Duke for her illness. The female judge cited the fact that her terminal illness was a deciding factor in giving custody to the children's father. As Alaina Giordano herself said on a recent interview, none of us knows when we are going to die. The judge also cited that she was unemployed, shes been making it financially so far so thats just a buncha caca. My issue is that she left her husband because he was abusive...don't know all of the details but she was diagnosed prior to her divorce. Is he really the fit parent of the two? He has a job, that is not going to make him a better parent...the judge even said it would be easier for her to move to Chicago..what an asinine comment!
If her ex had any concern for his kids he would not be dragging their mother through court at a time like this and instead think of their  mental well being. Its devastating enough to know that your mother is going to die from a disease like Cancer, let alone to know that you may not be there to make those memories that would keep her alive in you. Her children are quite young 11, and almost 6, impressionable and so needing their Mom at this age. I would wish that he move to where she lives, that he have the compassion to think of the mother of his children as someone he once loved. Together they could work on the future of their kids, that he allow them this time with her no matter how long, 5 months or 20 years. After all they, the kids, are what is important here.
If this ruling is allowed to stand think of the precedent it would set, that a parent with a terminal illness, cancer, AIDS, or worse yet degenerative diseases like MS and or Parkinson's could risk losing the custody of their children.What do you think?


  1. It's a complete no brainer.. OF COURSE the kids should be with the mom..The dad abusive, moved away...the mother is sick and those kids and the mom deserve every moment of love and hugs available..It's about the kids..and that amazing mom is enduring enough.. The best medicine for that family is love..and that father should step up to the plate and be a father and respect the wishes of the mother of his children,, Had the tables been turned and the father was sick and the mother was abusive and moved away I would be hands down in favor of the father.. Let's step up and be bigger and be a man of integrity and compassion.

  2. That is exactly how I feel love should conquer all in this case. I only hope her ex comes to his senses, for the sake of his kids and him, because resentment is hard think to live with....and his kids will resent him for taking them away from their mother. Well said Alexis.

  3. Different situation, but years ago I was a hospice volunteer for a woman dying of cancer. She had majority custody, they had a bit of a nasty divorce, not super bad though.
    Her ex-husband had her and the kids move back in with him and they stayed together until she died. She lingered for months & there was home nursing care and all, but he was there, and the kids were there. They were maybe 9 & 11, and they got to see what compassion is up close. It was incredibly touching.

  4. Thanks for your comment! how wonderful that the parent put aside old baggage to put the children first, surely this will have had a profound effect on them. Compassion is a wonderful thing. Thanks again for your comment!