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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


When I read that Kyle Williams had received death threats via Twitter I was shocked and sad. Now everyone who knows me knows that I am not a 49er fan, but this type of fanatic behavior is what makes me not want to be a part of the Cali football nation whether it be Niners or Raiders. After the pre-season exhibition game it became clear that these two teams have extreme fans who feel the need to pull out a gun and kill people of the opposing team. I hate the fact that these two teams are often associated with the thug element in general,and that is why I don't support them. I am a Saints fan, and am even sad that a Saints fan took it to the extreme outside a restaurant shooting at two Niners fans. I often wonder if the gang affiliated thugs who sport these jerseys and hats even watch the damned football games? Apparently an extreme sect of them do and that my fellow football fans makes for a deadly mix. I have never really gotten the gang scene and think so many people with potential waste their lives in that reality. I did think I was a "chola" for a brief moment in time and man looking back on that how stupid was that.
My children have never had too many issues regarding gang situations, although when my middle daughter was in 7th grade she was threatened because she wore the color red a lot, just happened to be her favorite color...fortunately she told me and the little asshole, a boy no less, was dealt with.
So we all know little assholes grow up and they make life miserable for those who just want to enjoy it. Football fans are probably some of the craziest fans there are, next to the Little League Parents I know. They have a loyalty like no other and will go to extremes to show it. Killing the opponents fan should not be one of players themselves have to worry about these dumbass people.
Williams feels badly and will forever beat himself up over those two crucial errors, that is what an athlete does. The fact of the matter is football players are skilled athletes that have pushed their limits for their fans, and for themselves and for their team. I would love to see that fan try to make that play. The elements alone that day were a big enough factor to change the odds for any team. I believe redemption will come for him, really how do you stop a ball from bouncing on your leg people? Thats like telling the sperm not to find the egg, its just one of those things.
I hope the FBI or FCC or who ever is in charge of monitering these types of threats finds the loser(s) who made them. I think they should be taken seriously. People everywhere lost a lot of money on that game, thats what they get for betting.
Williams has a family and the threats have even gone there....this is a serious situation, why should anyone in this day and age have to tolerate that? I believe the REAL fans of Williams and his teammates have been supportive of him. That's fan loyalty and team loyalty a lesson these so called thugfans need to learn and I would LOVE to see what would happen if these extreme fans were placed in the locker room with his team mates.
I think Kyle Williams should keep his head up, because the two games that I saw in the last two weeks did prove to me that the 49ers are a force on the field, and he should be proud to be a part of that. No, No! I am not becoming a fan of theirs, just someone who can admit that I know a good team when I see one...No one will take the place of my Saints!

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