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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Beauty and Glamour that was Elizabeth Taylor.... remembering her today.

With today's news that Elizabeth Taylor had passed I was reminded of my Mother and the wonderful times we spent watching old movies on a Saturday afternoon. She introduced me to all the greats, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Ingrid Bergman, Judy Holiday, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood and my favorite Elizabeth Taylor. There was something about those times that I would escape with my Mother into the past that seemed to light up her eyes, and mine. The beautiful women in the movies that we watched were not pushovers, they were strong, smart, ahead of their time characters. It was ok with me that they were glamorous and maybe even sexy! That is the image I grew up with and to this day I still find the glamour of that time something I miss seeing. Once in a while I will retro back to the look with red lipstick, or a hairdo that recalls that bygone time. If I had more money to spend on myself I would probably dress like that all the time. I love the rockabilly retro look some are really into. I don't like the exaggeration, but rather what appeals to me is that women looked like women, and well men looked like men. Even all of the gay actors Elizabeth Taylor starred opposite, like Rock Hudson and Montgomery Clift still looked like MEN.

I think the other reason I loved her was that she was a raven haired beauty, don't get me wrong there were plenty of beautiful blonds and Marilyn is my favorite blonde, especially when I found out she was really a redhead. I just always found the dark hair and light eyes and flawless complexion adorned with that sexy mole she had so appealing. I even thought that my mother resembled her a little. I just love beautiful women and in my opinion not many actresses today can hold a flicker to the flame of Elizabeth Taylor. She lived her life in the public eye and in recent years not much was said about her unless it had to do with her failing health. I for one will always remember her at the height of her beauty in my favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie "A Place In The Sun". She will always live on in film and I cannot wait to introduce my daughters to her.

A comment left by someone who viewed the above piece today says it all, "You were never lovelier, more beautiful or ethereal than in this memorable movie."

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